A list of animations you can add to each block.

To use, copy and paste to the “Additional CSS Class(es)” box under the “Advanced” tab in the block settings (right sidebar) or add it to the specific “Animate” box in the block settings if one is provided.

wow animate__bounce
wow animate__flash
wow animate__pulse
wow animate__rubberBand
wow animate__shakeX
wow animate__shakeY
wow animate__headShake
wow animate__swing
wow animate__tada
wow animate__wobble
wow animate__jello
wow animate__heartBeat
wow animate__backInDown
wow animate__backInLeft
wow animate__backInRight
wow animate__backInUp
wow animate__bounceIn
wow animate__bounceInDown
wow animate__bounceInLeft
wow animate__bounceInRight
wow animate__bounceInUp
wow animate__fadeIn
wow animate__fadeInDown
wow animate__fadeInDownBig
wow animate__fadeInLeft
wow animate__fadeInLeftBig
wow animate__fadeInRight
wow animate__fadeInRightBig
wow animate__fadeInUp
wow animate__fadeInUpBig
wow animate__fadeInTopLeft
wow animate__fadeInTopRight
wow animate__fadeInBottomLeft
wow animate__fadeInBottomRight
wow animate__flip
wow animate__flipInX
wow animate__flipInY
wow animate__flipOutX
wow animate__flipOutY
wow animate__lightSpeedInRight
wow animate__lightSpeedInLeft
wow animate__lightSpeedOutRight
wow animate__lightSpeedOutLeft
wow animate__rotateIn
wow animate__rotateInDownLeft
wow animate__rotateInDownRight
wow animate__rotateInUpLeft
wow animate__rotateInUpRight
wow animate__jackInTheBox
wow animate__rollIn
wow animate__rollOut
wow animate__zoomIn
wow animate__zoomInDown
wow animate__zoomInLeft
wow animate__zoomInRight
wow animate__zoomInUp
wow animate__slideInDown
wow animate__slideInLeft
wow animate__slideInRight
wow animate__slideInUp